Tools for Online Teaching

Teaching online should be more than just a Skype conference. A true online lesson should be a collaborative experience between the educator and the students.

There are several online tools that can be used to create this type of learning environment. Tomorrow’s Genius trains all of its teachers and staff to use these and other online tools to successfully create a successful learning program for both the students and the educator.

Dabbleboard ( – While there are more sophisticated online platforms available, Dabbleboard is a free online whiteboard that can be used by multiple participants at the same time. Its real-time information sharing could be ideal for subjects such as math, science, and languages.

Twiddla ( – Twiddla is another online whiteboard option with some additional features. First, you can use Twiddla to share images with other users. There is also an integrated audio option that can be used for conferencing. While not quite as powerful as some of the more professional options, Twiddla can be great for a simple online session.

Prezi ( – PowerPoint has, for several years been the go-to tool for presentations. Prezi however offers an easy to use alternative that can add a new element to online learning. This platform uses camera tracking to move from one screen to the next. So, instead of individual slides, you create your content on one canvas and then create a path for the camera to follow. Once a Prezi is created it can be shared with other users via the provided web-link.

Prezentit ( – Another PowerPoint alternative that enables users to create professional presentations directly online. The user interface is simple, yet packed with features. As with PowerPoint there are also options for transitions and effects. The advantage to this platform is that sharing the presentations is simple and quick. Any updates made to a presentation are instantly available to any shared users.

GeoGebra Online ( – Geogebra has been a popular math tool for several years. Recently however, the company released its web based version, making it easy and simple to work in a collaborative environment. The program has several tools available and can be used for both low level and higher level students. Sharing your board is quite simple as well.

These are just a few of the available online tools. Of course, the most important part of online education cannot be provided through a program or browser window. Great teachers are still a needed part of the educational process. Even with these and other new collaborative tools, online lessons still require the expertise and experience of classroom teachers.

Every Tomorrow’s Genius teacher has received several hours of hands on training designed to enable the best online learning experiences possible. Teaching online requires focus, the ability to multi-task, and a strong command of the technological capabilities. Tomorrow’s Genius currently facilitates an average of 20 hours per day of online classes. Each class is taught by a talented and capable TG educator, who uses tools like these and others to provide the students with the best educational experience possible.

If you have taught or worked with students online, tell us which tools you have used.

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