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Making the Most of the Time Off

It has been a long school year, and most students have been working hard to meet the pressures that school brings. Between mid-terms, bagruyot, tests, projects, homework, and other academic demands, there is not a lot of down time.

Pesach break is a perfect time for students to take a deep breath and enjoy a bit of relaxation before the end of the year. Even with some much needed vacation, students and parents can still make this time off from school into a productive experience. After Pesach ends, the final months of the school year include final exams, bagruyot, and other challenging assessments. Here, students have a three week break where they can focus on just one or two subjects.

So, how can students make the most of this time off? First, decide how you want to spend your time off. How much time are you willing to dedicate to academics during a vacation? The answer will be different for each student. Choose a reasonable goal for your time. Hey, it is vacation after all, but maybe on Hol-Hamoed you would be willing to spend 40 minutes studying or working on a project.

Next, decide how you are going to use your limited time. The average high school student is taking at least 8 subjects in school. Vacation is not the time to try and address all of the little problems in each class. This time would be better utilized focusing on one or two major projects or tests. Maybe there is reading that you just have not had a chance to do. Or, maybe there is an upcoming Bagrut on which you need to spend some time focusing. If you are willing to spend 30-40 minutes per vacation day doing some actual work, you won’t get everything done. Think about how this limited time can base used most effectively.

Finally, set some reachable goals. If you have decided to use some vacation time to study for the Math Bagrut, give yourself something to work towards. The mikudim for the Bagruyot were released last week. You may not make it through the entire list, but maybe you can make it through the first 3 or 4 areas.

Most importantly, even though it would be great to use this time productively, remember that students need some time off too. Parents, this is not the time to assign 8 hours of work per day. Have some fun during the vacation so that when school does begin again, students are rested and re-energized for a busy final semester.

Tomorrow’s Genius is also here to help during the Pesach vacation. If you would like to set up some online live sessions with a qualified teacher during the time off, click here for more information. We work according to your needs and your schedule.

Have a great Pesach vacation!