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Reflections on Sustainability in Jewish Education…

Submitted By: Aryeh Eisenberg, Director of Education

Tomorrow’s Genius is now a truly global service. I just returned from a successful two week trip to the United States. Covering seven states in two weeks, I had the opportunity to meet with several Jewish day school principals and administrators to discuss the current needs of the day school communities.

While the schools I met were separated geographically, the challenges and needs of all of the schools were very similar. Day school sustainability has been a frequent challenge and a topic of discussion on many blogs and forums. Principals all over North America are being asked to provide top quality education but with increasingly limited funds available. One principal discussed how he has had to make difficult cuts in his school, as the funds that once existed were simply no longer available. Instead of four sections of math and science, this school is now offering only two sections, as there were not enough funds to pay for the additional teaching hours. This means that there are students in both of the existing classes who do not belong at that level.

As I traveled from school to school, the budgetary challenges were obvious, but it was also remarkable to see how much was being accomplished despite the financial limitations. Several of the schools I visited are embracing technology as a learning tool for the first time. These schools have realized that the available technology based tools can facilitate differentiated instruction and can enable the schools to offer more educational options to the students.

During the second week of the trip, I traveled to Atlanta to attend the North American Jewish Day School Conference. This 3 day event was co-sponsored by some of the major Jewish educational organizations including Ravsak, PEJE, and Solomon Schechter. The theme of the conference was 21st century education. The workshops and speakers focused on how new digital tools could be used to broaden the educational possibilities. Principals and lay leaders from around the US and Canada attended to hear about new possibilities which could enable them to continue to meet the required high educational standards. While at the conference, I spoke to close to 30 principals and school administrators who all had the same challenges of providing a high caliber program with limited funding.

The educational challenges are the same throughout the entire world, but so far there have not been clear solutions. Tomorrow’s Genius however, has met these challenges and now provides schools with viable educational alternatives. By combining our talented educators with cutting edge technology, day schools can now create personalized online learning options that meet the specific needs of the students. The Tomorrow’s Genius platform enables schools to create personalized synchronous online classes. The TG team works with each individual school to create classes that meet the school’s individual curriculum, scheduling, educational, and philosophical standards. Tomorrow’s Genius realizes that no two schools are exactly the same, and therefore there is no such thing as a “standard” offering. Currently, Tomorrow’s Genius is facilitating classes in subjects such as Tanakah, Math, Jewish History, and even Chinese language. The possibilities are limitless.

Most importantly, even though Tomorrow’s Genius courses are online, the quality remains at each school’s high standards. The TG teacher works seamlessly with the school’s administration and faculty to ensure that all of the standards and goals are met. Tomorrow’s Genius provides unlimited possibilities at a price that makes even specialized options affordable to virtually any Jewish day school.

The sustainability of Jewish education has been called into question several times in the past. Tomorrow’s Genius has answered this challenge by providing exceptional services to schools at an affordable price. If you would like to find out more about how Tomorrow’s Genius can help your school, please contact us at support@tomorrowsgenius.com for more information.