Online Hebrew for Elementary Schools

In order to build a strong house you need strong foundations.


Tomorrow’s Genius online Hebrew program for elementary school is just that – laying down the language foundations that will ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for our students.

The curriculum maintains a unique blend between topical themes and integration of diverse  tech tools that ensure that the students are learning and also building their confidence in the online arena.

Samples of basic skills that students will be learning throughout the year:

  • Vocabulary building
  • Basic grammar – singular/plural and male/female
  • Special focus on oral skill building – reading and conversational activities

Samples of topical themes that are covered:

  • Seasons of the year
  • Greetings & feelings
  • Jewish and Israeli holidays
  • Sports

Making it Personal

Personalization is a key ingredient to online Hebrew instruction. When facilitating content to students we take great measures to ensure that the level of instruction and the course content is personalized and customized to best fit our students academic needs.


Successful online learning begins and ends with communication. When partnering with schools and families we maintain a high-level of communication throughout the learning experience to share expectations, feedback and collaborate on instructional practices that will best enhance the learning experience for the students.

Skills and Objectives

The Hebrew language can be compared to a bottomless ocean.  Because there’s no end to how much one can explore in the Hebrew language it’s vital that the skills and objectives of the overall curriculum and each online session independantly is clearly outlined for the students. Tomorrow’s Genius builds its Hebrew curriculum around the essential skills and objectives that the student will be able to take away from each unit of study.

Testimonial from Austin Jewish Academy:

“I have been very pleased with the professionalism and quality of  the Hebrew class provided by Tomorrow’s Genius.  TG listened to our needs and worked closely with us to adapt the program to meet the needs of our school.  Our students loved learning Hebrew using this methodology and we were pleased with their progress and overall learning.  As Principal, I worked with Leah Stein (in Israel) as I do with teachers in our school to make sure communication with parents, grades, and special projects were in alignment with our high expectations. I highly recommend Tomorrow’s Genius to schools looking for an alternative to traditional Hebrew instruction”

Interested in learning more?

To schedule a free online demo session or for general information, please send an email today to:

Call today:  212.913.0500


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