Online Hebrew for High Schools

Tomorrow’s Genius is excited to offer its online Hebrew program for high schools. The program consists of 4 tracks:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Fluent Hebrew elective


TG’s Hebrew curriculum was developed by a core team of educators who crafted a program that is both student focused and academically stimulating


learning hebrew


The curriculum incorporates three levels of assessment:

  • Diagnostic – Discovering students learning styles to best meet each students unique needs
  • Formative – Ongoing evaluation to best improve student’s performance
  • Summative – Review of student’s overall progress and advancing to next benchmarks


Sample of TG’s Intermediate Hebrew Curriculum:


Testimonial from one of our partner schools this past year:

I have been so impressed with the quality and dedication of the staff at Tomorrow’s Genius.  They have been so kind and flexible but have also provided our students with a rigorous learning format for the Hebrew course.  The distance-learning classroom as been excellent for our students as they have had real time instruction combined with individualized attention.  Our students have kept up their skills in Hebrew which was only possible through Tomorrow’s Genius as we have limited resources to offer our students with the Hebrew language.  I’m very grateful for this partnership with Tomorrow’s Genius”

Registration for fall classes have begun. To learn more about how Tomorrow’s Genius can enhance your school’s Hebrew learning, please contact: or call: 212.913.0500

  • Options for pilot programs
  • Special discounts on early bird registration before July 1st
  • Great opportunity to create online partnerships with the other schools



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